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From the start of the American Civil War, 1860, until the end of the Reconstruction, 1877, the United States of America endured what can be considered a revolution. Prior to the year 1860, there was a lack of union because of central government power flourishing rather than state power. Therefore, there was a split of opposite sides, North and South, fighting for authority. One major issue that came into mind was of slavery. At first, there were enactments that were issued to limit or rather prevent conflict to erupt, such as the numerous compromises, Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850. They did not fulfill the needs of the states, South states in particular; therefore, in the year 1860, the Civil War had commenced. There was the issue of inequality of Blacks in suffrage, politics, and the use of public facilities. However, much constitutional and social advancement in the period culminated in the revolution. To a radical extent, constitutional development between 1860 and 1877 amount to a revolution because of events like the Emancipation Proclamation, Civil Rights Act, the amendments that tried to change African Americans lives in American Society and contributed to get the union together. There is the social developments as well that to a lesser extent had amounted to the revolution because of organizations like the Klu Klux Klan, Freedmen’s Bureau lacking, and discrimination against African Americans that caused progression of violence and white supremacy.
In the beginning of the 1860s, there were constitutional developments that arose to a radical extent because it suffices the beliefs of American citizens with the issue over slavery. For instance, Abraham Lincoln taking hold of the presidency was an impacting event because there was the wondering if Lincoln would restore the union (Faragher et. al. 420). After Lincoln was inaugurated in 1860, South Carolina and other states had ceded from the union and established the Confederate States of America. The South believed that they have the right to cede (Doc A). Since the issue over power, federal government and state, was questioned. The federal government had removed and restrained the rights of states, South Carolina to be exact, and the argument of the South Carolina was that it violated the rights given to the states (Doc A) that was written in the 10th amendment in the Bill of Rights (Faragher et. al. 202). Therefore, the South ceded for the fear that the North would gain abundant power over the South which would cause them to lose their main source for capital which were the slaves. There was still the problem of American government looking to enact certain laws and developments for the regaining of land and resources. Howard Zinn argues this by writing in A People’s History of the United States chapter nine “Slavery without submission, emancipation without freedom”, and he explicitly says that in 1861 the American government pursued battle with the slave states for the...

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