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Ashley Cobb
Saving Mr. Banks
This costume designer did not have as many issues with historical accuracy, due to the extensive research, limelight, and dedication to preservation of this story and its characters. The movie opens in London, England on April 2 of 1961 the movie progresses through a year, with flashbacks in Allora Queensland, Australia in 1906. The costume designer, Daniel Orlandi, was able to use the historical data collected from the Disney Studio archives, and the Walt Disney Family Museum to ensure a very accurate depiction. He was also able to obtain bolts of historical fabric from an actual historical fabric company to help with the accuracy.
The story surrounding Mary Poppins, is very much still a mystery. Her character cannot face the past just yet so she changes her name to something that helps her cope with everything, Pamela L Travers, like a “spoon full of sugar”. Orlandi wanted her to keep her womanly shape without being perceived as sexy. He gave her a large alligator bag with English tweeds and wools of more muted warm natural colors. He gave her a more modest look, until she began to become a little more comfortable at Disney Studios. In real life Ginty Goff wore many silver bracelets, and for the movie she wore an authentic Georg Jensen that was in the Disney museum. She never took it off there is even a scene in which she is in her night gown with the bracelets and her parents rings. Her costumes mostly consist of the Jackie Kennedy dress suit, the matching skirt, top and over jacket in wool or tweed. Her last two outfits are the only ones that open her up a little. She is seen in an olive green shift or shirt dress, with no jacket and chunky heels, whenever she starts to really accept the directive choices being made about the movie. However after she finds out about the animation and she retreats back to comfort she is seen wearing a buttoned blouse up to the neck a mid calf tweed skirt and one inch character heels, with a large pea coat buttoned completely. It is only at the premiere that her clothes reveal her again; she is seen wearing a simple satin gown of that...

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