Unit Plan For The New Zealand Film "Snakeskin"

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Unit Title 'SNAKESKIN' - Adam, Eve and The Serpent On TourStrand Visual/Written - Links to Oral Levels 6-7-8FunctionsViewing(6)Presenting(6)Transactional writing(7)Interpersonal speaking(7)Using texts(7)ProcessesExploring language(6-7-8)Thinking critically(6-7-8)Processing information(6-7-8)Achievement Objectives:Students will:1 Respond to interpret meanings, ideas, effects, explaining how verbal/visual features combine for different purposes , audiences2 Use and combine verbal, visual & dramatic features to communicate information, ideas or other messages to different audiences3 Write clear, coherent explanations; justify a point of view, structuring material confidently, in appropriate ...view middle of the document...

This 16 period unit is an in-depth study of genre, plot, structure, soundtrack, filming technique, storyboarding, characterisation, critical scenes, themes and symbols and personal response. I believe that a complete study of film requires examination of these essential aspects in order to be comprehensive, meaningful and accurate.This film deals with the issues relating to peer pressure and temptation , choices and decision making, identity and belonging... issues confronting young New Zealanders regardless of gender and culture. The wide-reaching social, emotional and cultural implications of study of these issues cannot be underestimated.The use of an award-winning New Zealand film is constructive in creating motivation, significance and awareness of the New Zealand film industry. This industry is enjoying growth and recognition, increasing the job opportunities available to young New Zealanders, and creating a sense of national identity through the genres it predominantly uses. Focus and understanding of its components, features and production can both enhance students' national identification, pride and ambition.This unit encompasses the visual and written strands, and numerous functions and processes, as detailed in 'English in the New Zealand Curriculum'.LESSON ONE: INTRODUCTIONLEARNING OUTCOMES1, 2, 4, 7, 10TEACHING POINTSCriteria of A.S. 2.5 View, study and analyse a visual textFilm elements - genre, plot, characters, theme, symbols, cinematography, soundtrack'Snakeskin' awards and introductionRoad trip as a New Zealand genreACTIVITIESPre-activities from previous lesson:Criteria of A.S. 2.5 View, study and analyse a visual textPosing of active question "Does everyone have a fatal temptation?"Class:Diagnostic pretest of film elements - class brainstorm onto Snakeskin graphic organiserTeacher introduces 'Snakeskin', its awards and its road trip 'surface' genre compared to other NZ road trip films - e.g. 'Goodbye Pork Pie' and 'Smash Palace'Discussion on title of film and its implicationsViewing of 'Snakeskin' trailerIndividual:Prepare Viewing Response LogHomework:3-2-1: Topic vocabulary x3; Thesaurus x2; Quote x1RESOURCES'Snakeskin' trailer & video playerApples x class number6 NZ Film awards - cardboard cutoutsOHP1 - Snakeskin graphic organiser & OHP/whiteboard and pens"Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" CD & CD playerHandouts: A.S. 2.5 CriteriaSnakeskin graphic organiserTeacher resource - 3-2-1: Vocabulary/Thesaurus/Quote listStudent resource: Viewing Response LogASSESSMENTDiagnostic and formative assessment of:- current knowledge of film elements, road trip genre and NZ film- student participation in class discussionLESSON TWO: GENRE & PLOTLEARNING OUTCOMES1, 2, 4, 7, 10TEACHING POINTSFeatures of allegory as a genreCritical events and decisions affecting plotDramatic structure of plotACTIVITIESClass:3-2-1 testTeacher reads Adam and Eve story from the BibleDiscussion of parallel structure of Adam and Eve allegoryViewing of...

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