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Unit Test Part 2: More Global Interactions

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The changes and continuities in the island of Japan and the subcontinent of India between 1450 and 1750 differ greatly. Both empires unified their people and experienced a growth of population along with a economic increase. The empires in India and Japan experienced various changes from 1450 to 1750.

When the great Gupta empire of India ended, the large subcontinent was controlled by many different clans. Each tribe was governed individually and experienced war with other clans to gain power. In the 1500's, Babur (Zahir al-Din Muhammad) set his sights on unifying most of India. He accomplished this and ruled the Islamic Mughal empire for much of the 16th and 17th centuries. This new empire used their brutal military strength to gain land from the tribes that previously resided in India. They fueled their economy with trade of textile from other “Gunpowder Empires” and the Europeans. Also, a large emphasis was placed on the arts and architecture in the later 1700's with the creation of the Taj Mahal and Islamic mosques. The agriculture practices of the empire also advanced as new crops and technology was introduced. As a result of these features, the population surged. The Mughal empire ruled a mostly Hindu population inside a Islamic law code. Akbar the Great (leader in the late 15 h century) focused on religious freedom and expression between Hindu's and Muslim's. To do this, he created a new religion that combined the two religions named Din-I-Ilahi. While this new faith was not very successful, it did provide great religious independence. The Mughal empire began to decline due to many reasons. The biggest of these is the ending of religious freedom. Emperor Aurangzeb disbanded the religious tolerance that use to be given to Hindu's in Mughal India. The Mughal empire officially ended around 1748 and was taken over by British rule later.

The emperor's of Medieval Japan were reduced to only a figurehead because of the rise of the shogunate. Shoguns had become the true rulers of Japan. They ruled through military strength and control of the samurai. The shoguns were constantly overthrown by the samurai so that no one leader ruled or unified Japan for very long. A sudden increase of peasant riots created new damiyo who once were samurai. The new daimyo challenged the shoguns in a period known as the Onin War. One powerful clan of warriors came out victorious from the fighting,...

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