Unitary And Federal Goverment Systems Essay

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Unitary and federal government systems operate on the principles of checks and balances and the separation of powers. Unitary systems control all local governments such as city, regional, provincial, and municipal. The president using unitary form of government “has the entire local governments, all military and police forces, all tax collection agencies, all fiscal agencies (banks), all health agencies, all prosecution agencies, all health and social welfare agencies, all natural resources agencies an labor while declaring war and national emergencies, use emergency and military powers during war, rebellion, revolution and terrorism” (Salvilla, 2006). The Central government using the judicial system has a large jurisdiction and power that is set by their parliament while having clear power of the judicial system. The unitary system does not allow provinces, towns, parishes, or counties any power because all the decisions are at a national level.
Federal system is established by the states to form their central government. The states and central government are empowered by the constitution which is administered by the judiciary. “Citizens tend to hold citizenship in a parallel manner, and have considerable power in legislature and enactments that are passed by state legislature so powerful and complex that every state has a different bar exam to qualify their own lawyers” (Scholasticus, 2010).
The Founding Fathers chose the federal system of government when framing the Constitution because they felt it was just as important that the states government and the federal government will work together. The powers delegated to the federal government were less defined and the state government was more defined on principal objectives such as foreign commerce, negotiation, and peace. “Thomas Jefferson emphasized that the states are not ‘subordinate’ to the national government, but rather the two are ‘coordinate departments of one simple and integral whole” (Studies, 1995). Both working together has the foreign and domestic branch of the same government.
Unitary government has total control over the smaller sub-divisions in a country for all government functions. The strengths of countries that use unitary government has less people involved in decision making, manage their economy better, and better tax handling abilities. The weakness of using a...

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