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United Arab Emirates: Dubai, One Of The Seven Emirates

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Dubai is one of the seven emirates, which are located in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated along the coast of the Persian Gulf (Figure 1). Dubai experiences dry arid climate. In the summer the temperatures can reach up to 48°C with humidity ranging from 80%-90% and sandstorms may be experienced. Yet the winter months, beginning in November and ending in March are cooler. At this time the temperatures are usually around 20°C. To determine how the water scarcity impacts the people and the amount of crops produced in Dubai. This is done through looking the amount of water available to the people and what the use the water for.In Dubai the water is scarce as a result of over use and a ...view middle of the document...

People are not able to live a luxury lifestyle as they did before. The economy is dropping as a result of there being not enough water to sustain Dubai.

Water Scarcity

In Dubai there is a lack of clean water. (Hussein 2011) Therefore many of the people in Dubai will not drink this water in fear that they will become ill. This is not good as people refuse to buy the water resulting in a decrease in the economy. Therefore there is a significant amount of waste (Hussein 2011) as people do not want to consume the water and are too scared to use the water when cooking or bathing. The harsh climate also adds to the need for fresh water to ensure that people do not suffer from dehydration and malnutrition. The people are not changing the way in which they farm, as they do not know how to farm and what to farm when there is a lack of water. This results in a lower yield, as farmers are not producing sufficient amounts of food.

If the UAE continues at the rate they are going with regards to water, they will enter into a stage where they will have ‘water poverty (Hussein 2011).’ This would result in disease and dehydration as...

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