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United Day Care Essay

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In a regular day to day basis businesses must face a great deal of external and internal forces. Businesses have many different aspects of external and internal forces they must face in order to be successful. External forces, internal forces and trends continually make the pathway for where a business is headed and where a business stands currently. Organizations should do a SWOTT analysis to examine business potential and business risks so that if any action needs to be conducted it can be done before any unwanted events occur within the business (Robinson, Pearce, 2004). United Daycare has several forces and trends that potentially affect the overall business. Nevertheless, in order for any business to function properly the business must know all forces and trends that will affect it now and in the up coming years.
External factors that affect United daycare are; legal and regulatory, economic, and social. Internal factors that affect United Daycare are leadership, strategy and resources. All internal and external factors have been put on a SWOTT analysis table to see where the business is currently, what the risks are, what the opportunities are for the business, and what the strength and weakness are. Legal, regulatory practices are part of the strength and weakness analysis when conducted by United daycare. The state of GA obviously has a huge influence in how a daycare is run. Rules and regulations must be abided in order for businesses to keep running optimally. The state of GA intervenes and regulates the daycares so that children are safe and are being take care of. Having rules and regulations help keep all daycares performing to there best abilities because if they do not they will get there license taken away or suspended. Individuals and families of the daycare obviously want what is best for the children therefore, having the government intervene is a huge strength. Regulations help keep daycares sanitary and healthy which is a major plus. Regulations increase the quality and safety of all daycares but of course, some daycares are unable to follow all rules and regulations therefore, there license either suspended or lost. The state of GA spends a great deal of money in making sure all regulations are being followed so that daycare prices are not raised and quality daycare is still present. Even though government regulations have plenty of positive attributes, still there maybe few negative attributes. The state of GA holds the key to United daycare therefore, in order to do several activities with the children the state may agree or may not agree. Staying open minded and being able to do activities outside the box would be difficult considering so much influence is given by the government. Nonetheless economics is another external force that affects United daycare.
Right now economics is by far a huge weakness. One of the biggest weaknesses of daycares and all business at this point is the economy. The Economy has been...

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