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United Kingdom Essay

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly referred to as the United Kingdom, or “UK” for short, is a country located in Western Europe. It rests between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and is a medium sized country, ranked 80th in the world based on its size of 243,610 km2 (CIA 1). It has a temperate climate, with rugged hills and low mountains. The Fens is the lowest point in the UK at four meters below sea level (CIA 4). In contrast, the highest point is in Ben Nevis, at 1,364 meters above sea level (CIA 9). In the east and south-east, the land is made up of mostly plains. Only about a quarter of the land in the UK is suitable for growing crops, but ...view middle of the document...

6307 UK bills per every US dollar (CIA 41). This proves that, although the UK’s economy might not be especially strong, it is still more stable than the economy in the United States.
Much like the ever-changing economy, the United Kingdom’s population is in a constant state of change. With an overall population of 63,395,574, the UK stands 23rd in the world according to population (CIA 5). The birth rate is 12.26/1000, but with a death rate of only 9.33/1000, the population grows at a rate of .55% (CIA 9). The national language is English, but there are a few regional languages such as Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Cornish (BBC 1). Despite the minute number of languages, the UK is relatively diverse, with numerous ethnic groups including white, black, Indian, Pakistani, and more (CIA 2). This diversity may contribute to the various religions such as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and a few others (CIA 4). The immense diversity in the UK makes it a heterogeneous country.
All of the United Kingdom’s citizens are untied under the government. Their government is a constitutional monarchy with a commonwealth realm (CIA 2). The current chief of state is Queen Elizabeth II, and the head of the government is Prime Minister David Cameron. These officials are chosen for power in two very different ways. While the chief of state is purely hereditary, the head of the government is the leader of the majority party following the legislative elections (CIA 12). The capital city, London, is the center of the government operations. Although there are no official national holidays, their establishment is celebrated on May 1, after becoming established as Great Britain in 1707 (CIA 7).
The UK is one of the oldest countries, but has a relatively limited history. It was...

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