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United Kingdom Facts On The Uk

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Weston W. Cockrell#2 English/ Ms. CockrellGeography/ Mr. RayMay 25, 2007United KingdomImagine a county where people drink their beer warm, eat sheep's innards cooked in its stomach and where police don't carry guns. No, it's not a third world country; it's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Although they do some strange things there, the UK is a country with an interesting history and a powerful voice in the modern world.The climate of the UK is very temperate. For example, the temperature in Great Britain is usually between 5°F and 93°F although Scotland gets down to -17°F in the winter. The annual precipitation is around 36"-40" pre year. As you can see, the UK is very much like the Pacific Northwest in its climate (The World Fact Book).The UK is comprised of, England, Wales and Scotland (which form the island of Great Britain) and Northern Ireland. It covers 94,500 sq miles big. It's located off the northwestern coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It is separated from the continent by the Straits of Dover and the English Channel, and from the Irish Republic by the Irish Sea and the St. Georges Channel. The Cheviot Hills run east to west along the Scottish border, while from the Scottish border to Derbyshire in Central England lie the north to south Pennine Range (The World Fact Book). Near Dover, the Channel Tunnel links the United Kingdom with France. There is no peak in England that is 3,300 ft or greater, the highest mountain being Scafell Pike in England's Lake District, at some 3,208 ft. Scotland's geography is varied, with lowlands in the south and east and highlands in the north and west, including Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles at 4,406 ft. There are nearly eight hundred islands in Scotland, mainly west and north of the mainland. In total, it is estimated that the UK includes around one thousand islands. There are only two countries that really surround the UK being Ireland and France. France is in between the English Channel with only one bridge connecting them together and Ireland has the Irish Sea between the mainlands. As you can see, the UK has a very low elevation and is mostly surrounded by water (United Kingdom).The UK has a population of about 60,600,000 with London being the biggest city. The UK does not have an official language; English is the predominant spoken language. This is a West Germanic language, descended from Old English, featuring a large number of borrowings from Old Norse and Norman. The other indigenous languages are Scots which is closely related to English and the Insular Celtic languages. The latter fall into two groups: the languages Welsh and the Cornish languages; and the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages. The UK is 92.1% white, 2% Black, 1.8% Indian, 1.3% Pakistani, 1.2% mixed, and 1.6% other (United Kingdom).Christianity was first introduced to Britain by the Romans. The UK still is a...

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