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Since 1945, the United Nations has been a platform for American negotiation andaction on key issues that remain on the U.N. agenda. The United States has employed theU.N. as a setting to suggest new measures of human rights, challenge mistreatment ofwomen, promote democracy, and fight terrorism. The U.S. is able to instill influence in the U.N. because of their position as a permanent member of the security council of the U.N. and as the principle financial supporter of the United Nations.The United Nation's Security Council is comprised of 15 members. There are five permanent members and ten members that are voted in and serve 2 year terms. As ofJanuary 1, 2004 Algeria, Benin, Brazil, Philippines, and Romania began their two year terms. On December 31, 2004 Chile, Germany, Pakistan, Angola, and Spain's terms will end. The five permanent seats on the council belong to China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and the United States. Each Council member has one vote. Decisions on procedural matters are made by an affirmative vote of at least nine of the fifteen members. Decisions on substantive matters require nine votes, including the concurring votes of allfive permanent members. This is the rule of "Great Power Unanimity", often referred to as the "veto" power."(1.) This council has a great deal of power. Under "U.N. Charter," all U.N. members are required to enforce the council's decision, while other departments of the United Nations may only make suggestions to other nations.The United States is by far the principle financial supporter of the United Nations.United States payments to the U.N. consisted of $897 million in 2003. Areas of Americanfunding are U.N. peacekeeping, U.N. Regular Budget, War Crime Tribunals, and CapitalMaster Plan. The U.S. spends more than half their U.N. appropriations on U.N.peacekeeping. $586 million or 27 percent of the U.N.'s budget was spent on peacekeeping. This may seem to be a generous amount of money, but in retrospect it is perhaps the most cost effective appropriation in view of the U.S. military for the calendar year of 2003. The U.S. payments also represent 22 percent of U.N. Regular Budget, 25 percent of funding for War Crime Tribunals, and 22 percent of design costs for the Capital Master Plan in 2003.If one was to compare the "U.N. Global Issues Agenda" and American foreign policy issues, they would find little to no differences. This is what leads me to believe that the U.S. membership in the U.N. has been beneficial to the United States. Issues such as AIDS, disarmament, human rights, Iraq, and terrorism rank high on both American and U.N. concerns. Not only does the U.N. have a similar stand as the U.S., but both are taking action to resolve these issues. The U.S. and U.N. may not have the same style of execution on the Iraq issue, but both want to obtain the same goal. That goal is to put a sovereign democratic government in power and end American occupation of Iraq.The U.N. has always...

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