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United States And Finland Essay

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Many people do not know Finland’s education system is one of the best in the world. Different nations has turn their attention to Finland in an attempt to figure what this country is doing right academically; one of these nations is the United States of America. However, can the United States benefit from understanding how Finland’s education system works? If so, what is the possible key difference between the two countries, and how much does the difference truly make on the education systems? To analyze the distinction of Finland’s and the United States’ education practices, we must examine the objectives of science, mathematics, and reading. To recognize the impact of the different ...view middle of the document...

To achieve these goals, teachers will direct their students to learn scientific skills, develop curiosity to seek out an answer to a problem, and to carry out a scientific investigation. For math, the main goal is not necessary advancing all their students to a higher mathematics class, but to help them become familiar to implement what they learned in class to an assorted of situations. As well this goal for mathematics applies to the reading objectives. Yet, the reading objectives for their students are also composed of an analysis of the text which will lead to critical thinking and problem solving.
On the other hand, the United States devoted their attention to the main objective by building a solid foundation for learning, challenging schools to ensure their students reach the required skills of the core academic subjects, and to ensure access to a postsecondary education. These objectives additionally aids in the framework of the goals of the individual courses. The States’ goal in science is for their pupils to obtain the history of science, know the influence this field has on the community, basic knowledge of this course, and be introduced to a series of advance science curricula. In mathematics, the first goal is for each grade group to focus on fewer topics. Another target for teachers is to help their pupils understand mathematics is not just random formulas, but is constructed of interconnected concepts. Students should also perform mathematic skills with fluency and accuracy. For reading, students are expected to indicate an ability to provide background information and ask questions by scrutinizing numerous of texts.
When one examines both education systems from Finland and the United States, one can detect the similarities between the two systems. One can realize both countries are striving for their students to expand their foundation of knowledge, to go out into the world with the required skills, and compete with foreign nations. However, the difference may lie in the teaching methods. In Finland, the teachers’ goals give the impression their students should develop the experience to use the knowledge and skills to transfer what they learned in class to real world situation. While the objectives in the United States seem to center upon the idea their students should expand their knowledge as much as possible.
Knowing the objective of Finland and the United States can create the position each education system upholds, test scores helps in the judgment making regarded to the examination if education practices meet, exceeds, or fail expectations. To compare these two school systems in a suitable fashion is to use the scores from the Program for International Student Assessment or better known as PISA. According to the PISA sponsored website by...

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