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United States Army Marriage Essay

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Enormous sacrifice is required for people married to army service men, or anyone in the military (Gentile, 2013). The soldier, the spouse, or the children all have to make sacrifices with the purpose of ensuring the success of the marriage. The government is aware of these challenges and therefore, there are compensation schemes for such families to make sure that all the parties involved in those families are cared for (Gentile, 2013). The schemes are in form of stipends, benefits, as well as, resources. There are a number of aspects of marriage life in the military. Among them are loyalty to spouses who have been deployed, the importance of duty to the state and the marriage, making plans for the family, and seeking employment after military service.
​In order to access the military benefits, however, military couples have to acquire proper marriage documentation (Gentile, 2013). Such documentation includes marriage licenses, witnesses to the signing of the certificate; assuming they are all US citizens. The requirements are different if one of the spouses is not a US Citizen. Nonetheless, while these documentation and access to benefits from the government are important, more pressing and pertinent aspects have to do with the family (Burton, 2012). Questions on family plans like birthday parties, personality changes in a partner who has served in the military, the reality that the soldier could die in combat, and so on.
​Most military couples have to deal with the fact that to their military spouses, military duty will always be prioritised over duty to the marriage (Burton, 2012). Normal families are oft encouraged to put marriage first over all else but this is not the case with military families. A lot of patience, thus, is required to achieve such a sacrifice. Young military couples could find it difficult to adjust to such realities but with time, they have to adjust in order to make their marriages work.
​Infidelity is the other aspect of military marriages. Popular belief is that military wives are likely to cheat on their husbands when they are on duty (Burton, 2012). This, while not entirely ruled out, is less likely to happen, as compared to military husbands on duty with other female soldiers. This view is shared by a number of military servicemen who point out that relationships in the war zone have been heard of; but not all military husbands engage in such relationships. Infidelity is an issue in such families but it depends on the individuals in such families; promiscuity is not just confined to military families.
​The sense of self in careers is also an issue to deal with in a military marriage (Burton, 2012). There are always cases where the military husband are required to move to a different country for duty purposes and therefore his or her spouse needs to take charge of the family and be the stay-at-home parent. It is often hard on men to assume the role of stay-at-home parents because of the fact that being in a foreign...

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