United States' Education System Vs. Asian Countries' Education System

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When you think about stereotype what comes to mind? Stereotypes play a major role for every race in the United States. It cannot be avoided in this country because the diversity makes it inevitable for the stereotypes to simply just disappear. For example, the people with a southern accent are portrayed as unintelligent. Asians are often seen as being the standard of academic excellence that others are measured to. However, not every Asian is smart; most tend to be lazy because they have become too comfortable in the American society. As a second generation Asian American, I have gotten too comfortable with the easy lifestyle. The children assume anything can come without any dedication and persistence. Parents that just came here from their homeland have an old fashioned Asian attitude towards their children's education. They expect straight A's and anything less than that is unacceptable. On the internet, there are viral videos played by students about the overbearing Asian parents. The domestic education is really good, but the problem is the students don't take advantage of the opportunity.America is the wealthiest nation in the world; you have to think the education is really advanced. There are many advantages to the domestic school system. The schools have great textbooks, teachers, and technology. Textbooks always seem to get better over the years. With the exception of college, you borrow the textbooks free of charge. That gives opportunity for children from all social classes to excel in their studies. In domestic schools, everyone has an equal opportunity to get an education. In most countries, education can only get limited to the higher class. This gives the students the confidence they can do anything no matter what kind of background they come from. The students get plenty of vacation time during the school year. It is imperative for young children to be a free of stress. Children need to have fun and not be bothered with a lot of tedious homework. The teachers aren't demanding rather they are friendly to the students. In other countries, the teachers physically abuse the children to make them behave. They use very effective methods for handling mischievous students, it vary from teacher to teacher. Structures of the schools are always in decent condition. Maybe you will find a dilapidated school once in a while, like in the inner city. The use of technology enhances the educational process. Students can go online to research for a project instead of going through a large amount of books in the library for resources. The internet gives instant access to information. However, depending on the library there is a set schedule. Also with technology, it can be used to contact the teacher if there are any questions. There are many more advantages to the domestic school system, but it could it be hindering the students.Let's look at the disadvantages of the American educational system. The students have every resource at their fingertips,...

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