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United States National Government Current Top Issues

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To begin with, it should be noted that many people in United States are frustrated and disappointed with their current political system and government actions. It should be highlighted that some organizations and individuals have an unfair and disproportionate influence over what the government does instead of a democratic idea that all citizens have an equal opinion in the governing process (Massey, 2007). The result is that the greed and power of the few too often have the advantage over the needs of the many.
It can be named as the major of issue of United States government nowadays. The problem is getting worse with every year and it is increasingly limiting the potential of the optimization of governmental system in the country. What is more, the level of trust is getting lower, which may cause a political crisis. The less responsive a government is, the less liable it is to act in the social and public interest.
While many politicians ignore the democratic deficit, most Americans are aware of it. Researches find that they are increasingly concerned that American democratic government is not working for the country the way that it should. According to the surveys, in the last ten years, the number of people, who argue that public officials do not care about what people think, has ranged from 50% to 75%. Polls show that society also has a very clear sense of who is really influencing what government does.
The perception that government works for the few, not the many, fuels public hostility toward many politicians and government in general. If the government becomes less democratic, then its actions are less legitimate and the public becomes more alienated.
It should be noted that it is natural to lay the blame for unresponsive public institutions, but this is a mistake when it is the only critics of the system. Undemocratic government is just the symptom of more serious problems. Researches show that the ultimate source of this political illness is lying in the private sector. The real problem is that economic power is not distributed equally among all Americans. Some organizations or individuals have very large financial resources that they can turn into political influence. It should be highlighted that private economic power can become public political power. This aspect of economical changes is undermining the conditions of political equality that are essential to a well-functioning democracy.
It should be mentioned that for a society to be truly democratic, real political power must be shared by all or it must be distributed equally among all citizens, who must have a right to have the voice in determining government policy. However, the vote nowadays is just one among many other sources of social and political power. Many of these other sources could be found in the private sector where they are usually distributed very unequally. Instead of being responsive to average Americans, the government is primarily reacting to a...

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