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Why would someone want to join the United States Navy? Well the Navy has great reasons on why people should join. The navy can help build someone’s future because the navy puts in work to help get that person a job or the education they need to do that job. They navy lets people travel to other parts of the world that the average person does not get to see. The navy also lets people meet new people and become friends. They navy can help build new skills like how to take a gun apart, clean it and put it back together, they also teach people how to extinguish fires (Navy Recruiting Command). The navy has over three hundred twenty- three thousand active duty sailors (Chief of Information).
The navy gives people many benefits during and after retirement. After someone has been in the Navy for twenty years they will receive retirement pay for the rest of their life (Gannett). The Navy also provides people with health care. If someone is to choose the Navy Reserve they will still receive the same navy benefits. The navy will also help get someone a job or finish their education, because the navy emphasizes on the education someone will receive after the navy. When someone is an active duty sailor they get paid and don’t have to pay for a house and other bill that the average person has to pay (Navy Recruiting Command). When someone is an active duty sailor they will receive thirty vacation days a year (SWCC Scout Team).
The navy focuses a lot on the fitness of the sailors; the navy has an eight week boot camp to become in shape. Active duty sailors stay in shape by playing sports or doing weekly workouts. All recruits need to increase their flexibility (Navy Recruiting Command).
In the navy not all the jobs get the same pay some get some get less, for example Navy seals get paid sixty thousands dollars to start while a sailor gets fifty- five thousand a year (SWCC Scout Team). The pay goes up when someone’s rank goes up. Once someone has completed training he can get paid 2 times a month (Hall). Veterans get paid after their retirement also (Gannett). The pay may not seem like that much but when someone does not have to pay for a house or any other bills that the average person has to pay, it turns out to be a lot of spending money (Navy Recruiting Command).
The navy has certain qualifications; just for joining the navy and becoming a sailor someone can have there parent sign them in at the age of 17 or they can wait till there 18 and get recruited by a recruit, but they can not be over the age of 34. If someone is a parent wanting to join the navy they can not have two children under the age of eighteen. Also to join he or she has to have a clean record. They must be a high school graduate to enlist in the navy. Someone that wants to join can not have any bad health or medical records. The navy also has a zero tolerance policy meaning no drugs or alcohol (Navy Recruiting Command). Joining the navy and becoming an officer has a few different...

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