United States Army Military Solider And The Department Of The Army Civilian Employee Development Comparison

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AbstractThe harmonizing relationship and shared respect between the military and civilian members of the Army is a long standing tradition. Since the Army's beginning in 1775, the United States military and Department of the Army (DA) Civilian duties were separate, but are necessarily related because of the Army's mission. The Army work environment involves a close working relationship with civilian personnel, because they possess or develop technical skills that are necessary to accomplish some missions needed by the Army. DA civilians are primarily tied to the particular military installation that they are employed under the civilian personnel management system. All Army leaders, soldiers, and DA Civilians share the same goal: to accomplish their organization's mission, but training and development missions are substantial different between the Army, military and civilian personnel.United States Army Military Solider and the Department of the Army Civilian Employee Development ComparisonSoldier and DA Civilian development is essential to the Army's success in peacetime as well as in combat. DA Civilians are essential to success but, for variety of reasons that are difficult to maintain in the uniformed components. (FM 22-100, 1990, App. A).The effective training and development of DA civilians is the keystone of operational success and must be given a high priority on a continuous basis to perform effectively, especially within the context of the Army's Doctrine. Most support type activities (base operations) are preformed by DA Civilians that allows support continuity of operations. DA Civilians are able to provide professional or technical capabilities and skills not otherwise available when soldiers deploy.The training and development of soldiers is critical to be prepared to conduct diverse missions such as nation assistance, counterterrorism punitive attacks, noncombatant evacuation, humanitarian and disaster relief. (West & Reimer, 1997) The training and development soldiers receive ensure that those being committed to the operation are prepared fully both mentally and physically, for the conditions in which they might encounter.DA Civilian Employee Training and Development is the responsibility of managers and supervisors at all levels. Managers and supervisors must identify necessary training and ensure that adequate quality training and development is provided to their employees. Managers and leaders will exercise personal leadership and responsibility to ensure the following:a. Mangers are responsible for ensuring that training and development opportunities are provided to employees in an equitable manner.b. Develop employee Individual Development Plans (IDP) in coordination with the Chief Labor Management-Employee Relations and Training CPAC.c. Employees are required to attend DA Mandatory training such as:- Information Assurance Awareness- Anti-Terrorism Awareness (annually)- Prevention of Sexual Harassment (annually)- Ethics...

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