United States Dependency On Importing And Exporting

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Judson YoderProfessor SaudersEffective Writing 1103 October 2011United States Dependency on Importing and Exporting"A careful consideration of our problem of foreign exchange would seem to indicate that if we are to maintain our position as leader of the free world we will be compelled to carry on our own affairs in such a way as to protect the integrity of the dollar." (Hanley). E.J. Hanley, the former President of Allegheny Ludium Steel Corporation, made this statement in the sixties and it still applies to this day. Hanley had just recently returned from a trip through Europe. On his trip he had visited other foreign steel companies and seen how foreign production was becoming very efficient and beginning to threaten American dominance of the industry. Hanley understood that the answer to this stiff foreign competition was not too really on foreign goods, but to lower production costs in America. He had seen many companies outsource through other countries and also begin producing in those countries (Hanley). "Outsourcing is the switching of functions previously performed by a company in-house to another company." (Favreau). In fact it is predicted through "…offshore outsourcing that 3.3 million jobs would leave the U.S. by 2015." (Favreau). E.J. Hanley understood the importance of supplying our own resources and keeping America's wealth inside of America. This does not just apply to outsourcing and the outsourcing of jobs or companies, but it also applies to the importing and exporting of goods in general. Whether it is the newest phones from Japan or oil from the Middle East, America's extreme Dependence on foreign materials is a significant reason why the economy is suffering.The opposition's views consist of common problems that the public may consider to be true. One of which is that not importing goods and trying to be self-sustaining is much too expensive for the American economy. The extremely low cost of labor in foreign countries leaves large profitability margins for the manufacturer and the product may be produced at a cheaper cost. Foreign countries can afford to produce such cheap goods, because they have large factories and sweatshops that pay workers meager salaries ("globalization101"). The willingness of foreign workers to work for such low salaries does not help the unemployed and their ability to get a job because American workers demand pay much higher than that of foreign workers. For this reason many countries consider American workers to be lazy and spoiled.Another opposing view is the idea that Americans are not willing to spend more on products that are made in the United States. This view is saying that the American shopper is much more likely to just purchase the deal available to them. The expectation of the consumer not looking into where the product came from is also expected. It is no doubt true that the average consumer wants to get a respectable deal on a good or service. That same average consumer is...

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