United States Of Mexico: The Day Of Death

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I have learned some interesting things on the country of Mexico. Everything about their culture to how and where they have lived and died. Mexico is a interseting and different country known for ita heritage and beloved the world over. I am about to show you why,

In the Mexican way of life, family is very imprtant. Traditional values, mexican culture and customs and family are the main focus of many homes throughout Mexico. Most Mexican women do not have jobs outside of the home because it is considered non traditional. One unusual Mexican custom is known as Day of the Dead. On this day, many Mexicans believe that their recently deceased relatives will return ...view middle of the document...

Men may choose to wear a Serpa or shawl and the well known Sombrero.

Housing is one of Mexico's most serious and large problems because there are not enough houses to go around. When President Calderon took office in Mexico in 2006, he commited to builing an additional 6 million homes by 2012. He was able to complete around 4 million homes by the time he left office.

Mexico's economy is the 14th largest in the world. They also have one of the lowest intrest rates of all. Although on paper this seems like it could be a good thing, it is not for Mexico. Mexico also has one of the largest economic gaps between the rich and the poor. Over 52% of Mexican citizens are now below poverty level.

Mexico has a large and various animal population and plant life. A few animals found only in Mexico include the tropical ground squirrel, the volcano rabbit, the bearded wood partridge and the Mexican horned pit viper. A few of the rare plants found only in Mexico include the artichoke cactus, the oldman cactus and a Boojum tree which sometimes...

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