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United States Vs. Sokolow Essay

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This case was about a guy Andrew Sokolow who was searches and investigated at the Honolulu airport because of his appearance and his activity. He paid for two airline roundtrip tickets in cash from a 20 dollar bill roll, he was wearing a black jumpsuit and gold chains, he traveled under a different name from that on his home phone number and he never checked any of his 4 bags. The person that sold him the tickets reported him to the DEA saying that he looked nervous and suspicious and on his way back to Honolulu, Sokolow was stopped and searched. My opinion for this case is split in two, even though I am leaning more towards the opinion of the court. Sokolow's appearance and behavior would look a little suspicious. First of all he looked nervous, he acted nervous and the fact that he paid 2100 dollars in cash which is not very common and did not check his bags does seem a little suspicious. I agree with the opinion of the court that going on a 20 hour flight to Miami for a short term of 48 hours and then coming back doesn't seem right. Even though I have to consider that many people go on a far business trip for a day or two and they come back, however they don't look doubtful. Sokolow was not a very smart man. If you know you are involve in illegal activities and you are about to bring cocaine through the airport don't be so obvious and stupid. He paid in cash, he put on a jumpsuit and gold chains and when he came back to the airport he wore the same clothes and was easily recognized. The DEA is responsible and they should...

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