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Unity Is The Key To The American Dream

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The idea of unity is such an important aspect that it appears in the name of our country, “United States of America.” By definition, “united” means “joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings.” A group of people, most importantly, have to be united in order to achieve a common goal. This is further emphasized by Obama in his 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address. He was chosen as the Keynote speaker for then-president-candidate John Kerry, who was running against George W. Bush, for the Democratic Party. In Obama’s powerful and inspiring speech, Obama stresses the importance of unity among the people in order for the “American Dream” to be achievable, by emotional connecting with the audience.
While preaching about unity, it would seem almost hypocritical for Obama to be set apart from his audience because of his role, and so he begins by proving that he is similar to his audience through his use of anecdotes and being humble. Obama starts humbling himself by stating how it is an “honor” for him to be there on stage because his “presence [there] is pretty unlikely” (1). He then elaborates by telling his background story: his poor father from Kenya immigrating to “a magical place, America” to study on scholarship, and his mother’s parents who served America and survived after the war through democratic programs, G.I. Bill and F.H.A. Even though his parents weren’t rich, Obama still had the opportunity to attend a prestigious school because of America. Obama’s use of diction describing America as “a magical place” implies that America seems too good to be true and that he is thankful to be here, which would resonate well with other Americans increasing their pride in their country. Obama’s story shows that he is just one among many Americans who started from the bottom, and...

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