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Universal Healthcare: The Superior And Necessary Choice

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Universal health care refers to any system of health care managed by the government. The health care system may cover different programs including government run hospitals and health organizations and programs targeted at providing health care. Many developed countries such as Canada and United Kingdom have embraced universal health care with the United States being the only exception. The present U.S health care system has often been considered inefficient in terms of cost control as millions of Americans remain uncovered. This has made it the subject of a heated debate characterized by people who argue that the country requires a kind of socialized system that will permit increased government participation. Others have tended to support privatized health care, or a combined model of private and universal health care that will permit private companies to offer health care for a specific fee. Universal healthcare has numerous advantages that remain hidden from society. First, the federal government can apply economies of scale in managing health facilities which would reduce health care expenses. Second, all unnecessary expenses would be eliminated by requiring all states to bring together all the insurance companies into a single entity whose mandate would be to provide health insurance to all people. Lastly, increased government participation will guarantee quality care, improve access to medical services and address critical problems relating to market failure.
Even during the worst economic downturn, the advantages of a universal health care system remain hidden from society. Instead, the adverse impacts continue to occupy the minds of many Americans. Misguidedly, citizens are repeatedly ensnared into ideological disputes including the view on freedom, costs and a false feeling that government would be ineffective in managing such a huge system of health care. Moreover, opponents of universal health care argue that people should have the privilege of selecting healthcare just like any other good or service in a free market. However, most of these views are baseless and absurd. If a universal health care system is implemented, similar to the one in United Kingdom or Canada, all insurance providers in nearly every state would be brought together into a single organization whose mandate would be to cater for medical care expenses and offer health coverage to every U.S citizen. Approximately 30% of the overall health care expenses would be saved from waste or made accessible for health services rather than being misused on managing insurance providers together with their executives and actuaries (Lev 1).
The adoption of universal health care would eliminate the need for physicians to have a group of secretaries to bill and argue with insurance providers while patients would no longer suffer the emotional and physical stress of finding out the level of health coverage. Opponents of universal health care system argue that such a system would...

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