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Universal Heathcare: The Great Debate Ccc English 1010 Argumentative Essay

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Jennifer Cook
Professor Gallagher
Eng. 1010
Socrates was a Greek philosopher who lived from 469 to 399 B.C.E. He had many revolutionary ideas that questioned the way of life of everyone around him. Even now his philosophies affect the world as he had shaped the entire concept of philosophy itself. He had even taught one of the greatest minds of his time, Plato. Unfortunately, Socrates had never written down any of his great ideas as all of them were stemmed from conversation with people. Though Plato had written dialogues of the conversation and concluded that Socrates would question the lives of people so thoroughly that people either respected him for it, or hated him for making them question the root of their marrow. These ideas had gained him as many friends as he had enemies, we will explore some of his ideas to understand why so many people had voted in the end to put him to death for the discomfort of his questions.
His use of critical reasoning, by his firm commitment to truth, and through the vivid example of his own life, Athenian Socrates has set the standard for all succeeding Western philosophies. Since he left no written documentation of his own ideas, we depend on writers like Aristophanes, Xenophon, and Plato for information about his life and work. As a student of Archelaus as a young man, Socrates showed interest in the scientific theories of Anaxagoras, but he later abandoned the studies of the physical world for a devoted examination of the development of moral character. He had served with some division as a soldier at Delium and Amphipolis during the Peloponnesian War, Socrates experimented with the political chaos that caused much discourse in Athens after the War, then retired from the life of a soldier to work as a stonemason and to raise his children with his wife, Xanthippe. After inheriting a small fortune from his father, a sculptor named Sophroniscus, Socrates used his borderline monetary independence as an opportunity to give full-time attention to inventing the practice of philosophical dialogue.
For the rest of his life, Socrates dedicated himself to open conversation with the noble young citizens of Athens, insistently questioning their unjustified self-confidence in the truth of popular opinions and their own beliefs. Unlike the professional scholars of the time, Socrates pointedly declined to accept payment for his work with students, but in spite of (or, possibly, because) of this haughty contempt for material success, many were fervently loyal to him and had the utmost respect. Although their parents were often dissatisfied with his influence on their offspring, and his earlier association with adversaries of the democratic regime had made him a controversial political figure. This had caused for a vote on his death. The Athenian jury found the charges to be: corrupting the youth and interfering...

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