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Imagine a world where every person could talk to each other and understand each other. The language barrier would be eliminated and communication between nations would be made simpler. In the world today, English is a widely used language. It could easily become the official language of the world if the proper steps were taken to make it so. Although it may take a few years, a lot of effort and maybe even some disagreements, the end goal could definitely be achieved. The world could become a better place to live if it did not have the different languages getting in the way and making conversations with others difficult. The world should adopt the universal language of English because it ...view middle of the document...

Many countries have a variety of languages within them. This issue may cause internal problems for the different groups including communication or discrimination. For example in the city of Providence there are many groups of people who speak different languages. Sometimes issues come up where a person is not understood because they speak another language. No fair resolution can be made if it is a one sided effort. The person may be in need of help with no way to get it because no one can comprehend what they need. If everybody spoke the same language problems would be easier to resolve within communities. Also towns and cities would better understand each other and feel a greater sense of community.

If English was a common language then everyone in the world would have something in common. No more questioning if your point was understood or if your argument made sense to another person. Advertisement and product sales would be understood by billions and companies could make more money from different parts of the world. This planet would come together over...

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