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Universal Health CareTraci LedfordHHS 235University of Phoenix, Axia CollegeKevin HayesJuly 26, 2008Universal Health CareIntroduced to the House of Representative on February 8, 2005, House Resolution 676 (H.R. 676) is a bill proposed to provide coverage for all the residents of the United States. The full text of this bill is available from the Library of Congress. (H.R. 676). The title of this Act is the "United States National Health Insurance Act" (USNHI), or the "Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act" (. (H.R.676).The outline of this bill is in five titles with subsections. The titles are Title I: Eligibility and Benefits, Title II: Finances, with subtitles A: Budgeting and Payments and B: Funding, Title III: Administration, Title IV: Additional Provisions and Title V: Effective Date. Each of these ttiles is broken down into secitons. The most informative sections fall under Title I: Eligibility and Benefits.All residents of the United States are eligible for coverage under this proposed health care plan. In order to receive the benefits of the health care program, families and individuals should register by filling out an application with a health care provider. All residents are eligible for health care coverage, but everyone must fill out an application to receive a benefits card with a personalized health care number on it. (H.R. 676).The benefits covered in this proposed bill are primary care, preventive care, inpatient and outpatient care, emergency care, prescriptions and mecical equipment, long-term care including mental health care and substance abuse treatment, chiropractic services and dental and vision services, excluding cosmetic services. (H.R. 676). These benefits should be availbable through any licensed health care provider with no deductibles, co-payments, or other cost sharing plans. (H.R. 676).In order for a health care provider to participate in the USNHI Act, the provider must be nonprofit or public. Any person who is an investor in a health care organization that wants his or her organization to participate in the Program must convert to a nonprofit or public organization. The investors will be compensated appropriately for the conversion. This conversion to a non-profit or public organization will take place over a 15-year time period. The compensations will not be for loss of profit, only for the conversion of actual property and usable equipement. (H.R. 676).Health Maintainence Organizations (HMOs) may participate in th USNHI Program if the services are rendered in facilitites owned by the HMO and the health care professionals are on salary. (H.R. 676). HMOs that contract out for work are not eligible for the Program.Patients who enroll in the Program have "Freedom of Choice". Freedom of choice means that the patients have the right to choose from participating health care professionals, the Program will not choose the doctor for the patient, or assign specific...

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