Universal Teaching For Conditional Education Essay

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Although the reforms undoubtedly well intentioned. That however doesn’t excuse that it is an abysmal failure and the lack of acknowledgement accountability for this has left a bitter taste in concerned parent’s mouths. The people who are being neglected the most by the educational reforms are the students; No Child Left Behind, educational romanticism, and teachers unions all play an equal roll in this blatant disregard for the wellbeing and future success of the students.
No Child Left Behind is seen as a huge detriment to education process and neglects the students. Diane Ravitch sums up No Child Left Behind’s effect on education in her article “Diane Ravitch: Obama and No Child Left Behind”. “NCLB mandated that 100 percent of students be proficient in reading and math by 2014. Any school not on track to meet this utopian goal—one never reached by any nation in the world—would face a series of sanctions, culminating in the firing of the staff and the closing of the school (Ravitch).” So No Child Left Behind has a goal that is impossible to meet and it closes down schools that fail to meet this goal. Not only is this goal unrealistic, but the closing of schools does nothing to promote student success; it limits options for choosing a different school. “As 2014 nears, tens of thousands of schools have been stigmatized as failures, thousands of educators have been fired, and schools that were once the anchors of their communities are closing, replaced in many cases by privately managed schools. NCLB turns out to be a timetable for the destruction of public education (Ravitch).” No Child Left Behind simply hurts education when the schools are forced to shut down. The mandates of NCLB try to put the students on the same level and expect them to learn; this excludes students because only their performance is tracked and nothing else. NCLB only includes the student’s scores, and excludes the students in every other instance which include when scores are below expectation.
No Child Left Behind universalizes the students by trying putting them all on the same level or the norm and excludes those away from the that level. In debate my affirmative case is about universal ethics towards the Other. The Other is simply defined as not you; that the Other is someone else that you are interacting with that can change depending on the situation. After using certain philosophies in debate, I tend to reflect and try to incorporate some of these philosophies in my life; this year it has led to me being a proponent of universalizing almost everything, so there is some significance when I say that universalizing students is a terrible idea. This is the idea behind programs like NCLB that support the universal standardized testing of students. This not a faceless entity that you can simply name as the Other. In a group of many people with differences, it is impossible to group all of the students together, so some will be excluded from this group. By excluding those...

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