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Universally Expensive Essay

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Healthcare prices are rising, and so are people's concerns about the quality and availability of care. Everyone seems to be jumping on the universal healthcare wagon with the promise that free healthcare will be provided. However, many people are uninformed about what exactly universal healthcare is. Affordable care is actually the better solution to the issue because private insurance companies have the ability to fix the issue on their own. This solution would be in place of universal health care which would spike up taxes and degrade the health care system, making it the less desirable option.
Nothing is actually free; the money must come from somewhere, and in this case it is taxes. Canada has elected to centralize their health care system, thereby putting the government in one hundred percent control of the health insurance industry. This may sound sublime, and it would be if Canadians did not pay sky high taxes that are becoming unaffordable. Nadeem Esmail, author of ‘Free’ Health Care in Canada Costs More Than It’s Worth, provides statistics for the amount that Canadians pay for their “free” health care. He explained, “In 2013, a typical Canadian family of four can expect to pay $11,320 for public healthcare insurance”. As if this is not enough, the cost is growing “…nearly 1.5 times faster than the growth in average income over the decade”. Esmail explains that if the price exceeds income, not only are the citizens out of care, the government is out of money. This alone proves that universal healthcare will only cause our country to spiral into more debt, instead of decreasing it as affordable health care would do.
Saying alone that people have healthcare holds no meaning unless the people have actual access to treatment and doctors. Unfortunately this is not the case in countries like Britain which have also switched to a universal care system. Michael Tanner and Michael Cannon, authors of “Universal Healthcare’s Dirty Little Secrets”, provide horrifying facts about care conditions in Britain. While care may be free, “Britain’s Department of health reported that at any given...

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