College Athletes: The Jump To Professional Sports League

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College athletes have a goal that they pursue. The jump to the professional sports leagues is an accomplishment that most college athletes wanted to achieve. But most college athletes go to college and forego completing their senior year and don’t get a degree. In basketball most athletes are one and done. This means they go to college for only one year then enter the NBA draft. For the NFL players have to be out of high school for three years and necessarily don’t have to go to college.
Some argue that good enough athletes should enter the professional draft because of financial issues. Others argue that athletes who stay in college have a chance of getting injured before they reach the professional level. College athletes should stay in college for four years before going professional because then they will have developed the essentials to head into the draft. The choice to stay in college to get a degree will help athletes be more prepared in their professional sports careers, establish a career after their professional career, help them transition to adulthood, and produce educated individuals. (or mature individuals with more knowledge)
Too many college athletes are given the chance to go into a professional draft that doesn't require the athlete to complete all four years of college and earn a degree. This is a problem because athletes lack the college experience that will get them ready for real life situations as they carry out their sports career. In college they will learn skills and have extra time to be better prepared. Without staying in college for fours athletes won’t see that theres more options for them besides sports. It will be hard for them to see if they have other interests besides sports.
Also staying college longer will give them knowledge that can benefit them in the future. There are more athletes leaving college early that not ready mentally than athletes who are. Leaving college early takes out the chance for athletes to get better at their sport. More than likely they will grow as a player. Many miss the chance of coming back to a better team their next year of college due to not staying in college. They also miss the chance of winning a national title that next year. Also help improve the school’s status and maximizing their potential.
A solution would be to change all major sports drafts eligibility to four years of college with a degree. The commissioners of every sport and of the NCAA can get together and establish this eligibility change. The NCAA Board of Directors can address the proposal and decide whether to approve it. Also the Board of Governors from every professional sports league look over the proposal and can approve the change. They can take out any age requirements because some athletes start college later or are redshirted. This rule should be required for divisions I, II, and III. The thing to consider is that these eligibility requirements aren’t given by the NCAA but by the Professional...

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