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College Board Essay

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The College Board is a testing company founded in 1900 by Harvard and 11 other universities. The College Board was originally intended to allow students to be evaluated on their intellectual merit instead of their family connections and networks (Lorin 1). The College Board is considered a not-for-profit, but in the last decade has boosted fees to create a surplus in revenues. The College Board has expanded its revenues by increasing fees on students, introducing the Advanced Placement (AP) program, sending scores and other paperwork for students, and even selling the names and personal information of test-takers. The College Board is using students to create a profit and enormous salaries for executives.
The SAT has boosted its fees since struggling for money in 1999. The cost to take the SAT has more than doubled in the past decade from $23.50 per test to $49 per test today (Lorin 1-2). This raise in prices has created a surplus of funds, amounting to a $55 million profit (Haley 1). The College Board has increased its prices and fees in order to become rich. Although the College Board makes a profit, it keeps its not-for-profit distinction, and the tax benefits that come along with the title, by passing an IRS review affirming that their charitable mission is executed reasonably. The College Board’s mission, as stated by its president is: “to connect students to access and opportunity, to prepare more and more students to be ready to go to college and succeed.” The College Board has created its own niche to fulfill its mission, as they have positioned themselves as the middleman for college-bound students (Haley 1). For students to connect to colleges they must test through the College Board, thus filling their pockets. Without the College Board or the SAT students would not need an intermediary for the application process. The College Board has taken advantage of its not-for-profit status by creating a self-serving mission that only creates more profit. The College Board should be held accountable for their actions, and should lose their non-profit status, or should lower fees to lower the surplus and perform business like a non-profit instead of a corporation. The College Board behaves as a corporation set to make a profit by taking advantage of students and adding more strain by raising fees.
The College Board has taken its position as the intermediary between students and higher education to expand services, such as the AP Program, to create more sources of revenue. Advanced Placement courses allow students to earn high school and college credit at the same time, but come at the cost of $86 per end of course test (Lorin 4-5). These high fees can be a roadblock for the bright students who may thrive in the classroom but are unable to afford the cost. There are many anecdotal reports of teachers stepping in to provide for students instead of seeing them not gain the credit they have earned ( Lorin 5). The College Board takes advantage of...

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