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University Essay

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I had recently given birth to my son at Seton Hospital in Harker Heights on

the month of February. My experience with Seton's hospital setting and their

staff was quite different in comparison to the births of my three other

children a few years back.

My baby had a due date of Feb. 09, 2014. My contractions started at

midnight on this date. Six hours later I checked myself in at Seton's labor

and delivery department. As my contractions strengthened and shortened I

requested for an epidural to ease the pain. During the epidural process

I was being ordered to sign documents relating to childbirth. The effect of

the anesthesia took place and all I could recall was the nurse briefly

explaining a document about kidnapping. None of the paperwork I signed

prior to my son's arrival mattered much to me because of the pain I endured

during my labor. We all know it hurts so much that we, females, can't even
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I smiled.

A day later I noticed my son's ankle had a device attached to it. With

great concern I asked Josh what that's for and what purpose does it serve.

I was daunted only thinking he is unhealthy or something was severely

wrong with him internally. This device looks just like the anklet beepers

that criminals wear when they've been released from jail under a few

circumstances. He explained, however I doubted him therefore I asked

the nurse. She reassured me that its main purpose to track

the infant in the event someone kidnaps him. I was relieved.

My feelings were changed by this because I know the importance of keeping

your child around and never wanting them to be kidnapped by some crazy, sick

minded stranger. I appreciate their policy and concerns for the mothers and

newborns. As a patient at this newly opened facility, I recommend this

hospital to all expecting mothers for the sake of your newborn's well

being and safety. I must include that they have passwords to enter

the women's center. These are changed everyday.

In comparison to my birthing experience years ago, the safety of children

were not valued at such a high standard as it is today. At one point, I

could honestly say that I've questioned the switching at birth with my

third child. He looks nothing like the biological parents. Most people

agree when I discuss my concerns. In the past, they would tag the babies

with a plastic wristband. Those can be removed and replaced in a matter of

three seconds average.

Child abduction is amongst the highest ratings of crime today. There

are many people that take these children across the United States border

into Mexico. Children are forced into slavery, sexual abuse, child porno-

graphy and many more disturbing acts.

To conclude this essay, I would like to give recognition to the people, and

establishments that consider the importance of child safety a top priority.

Seton Hospital is a satisfaction guaranteed establishment that all expecting

and postpartum mothers will get to experience.

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