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College Essay. Coffee Stain. (A Coffee Stain Would Be In The Square Accompanied With This Essay.)

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Uh-oh, a coffee stain, every students worst nightmare, staying up late working on homework and that coffee, the only think keeping you going, conveniently spills and ruins all your hard work. Coffee stains are generally thought of negatively however; I think they represent positive things. They can be viewed as signs of sloppiness or clumsiness but I think they're just like me which isn't any of the above! I am just like coffee! I see myself like a good "cup of Joe" in two different ways, first I'm consistently working until the job is done and secondly I try to exude energy at all possible times and I try to keep those around me going and going, just like coffee does.Coffee is simply a tool, it's a students (and teachers) best friend. However I once had stayed up extremely late working on a science project and in my exhausted but energetic caffeine state I somehow managed to get coffee spilt on my project, it was a mess! But when I turned it in and tried to explain myself the teacher said to me "Don't worry about it, I just know that you cared enough to get it done, just don't wait until your exhausted next time, but I understand and thank you for finishing it." That's when I realized I'm a lot like coffee and that turning things in on time are extremely important even if it makes your exhausted.It is true that students should not wait to work on academic...

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