University Food Service Menu Needs Revision

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University Food Service Menu Needs Revision


The purpose of this report is to show the need to examine the current meal program services offered by University and to prove a need for a substantial revision of the menus and meals to accommodate the nutritional needs of all the students. The students, in particular, on which this report will focus is those students who are vegetarian (or those who do not eat any animal flesh), or vegan (those who do not eat any products that come from animals, such as milk, eggs, meat, and fat).


The current food service offers three meals per day, and these include some, but relatively few, vegetarian options for students with special dietary needs. In the average daily menu there is usually a choice that either doesn’t contain red meat or has a vegetable base in the ingredients. On the menus these meal choices are marked by a symbol of a carrot (see menus at


The morning meal consists of several hot dishes and toast, cereal, canned fruit, sometimes one fresh fruit option, and milk or juice. Students also have the option of having a waffle they make themselves. (Waffles are available for any of the meals). For the noon-time meal, students have the option of having a cold sandwich, or one of usually three hot meal items. There is always a salad bar and two choices of cereal. The evening meal is much like the noon-time meal. It also includes a salad bar and usually three hot main-courses and side dishes, but does not include the cold sandwich option.


Copies of food service menus have been included in the Appendix of this paper and give random examples of actual food service menus. Of these two examples, it is clear that the vegetarian options are far fewer than those options with meat in them. Upon closer examination, we see things like scrambled eggs, Mexican cheese soup, cheese potato topper, and broccoli cheese soup. None of these menu items is really a meal in itself and none of these menu choices can be a choice for someone who is vegan. All of these menu choices contain animal products, weather it be cheese, eggs or other dairy products. In the mornings it is especially hard to make good choices for vegans, because the cereal will have milk, the toast is already buttered, and the ham, bacon, eggs sausage are not options at all. The only options left are fruit, and one half a banana does not satisfy the average ISU student.

It is clear that all the nutritional needs of the students at ISU need to be met. If the students aren't getting the food they need to fulfil their requirements because the food service does not provide that food to them as options at meal time, then the food service isn't doing the job it is supposed to do.
To get an idea of how Iowa State University students feel about the quality of the food...

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