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"University Learning" Essay

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'University learning involves adults who have voluntarily enrolled to have their minds expanded, their views changed and their assumptions threatened'. Critically discuss this statement with reference to ideas in relevant SSK12 readings and lectures and your own experience of university.In the following essay I will contend that an individual who has enrolled into an institution of higher education, and has done so willingly, expects to have their stance revolutionise their intellect intensified and their supposition transformed. I will outline the significant sections of, and discuss this statement with reference to my own experience, ideologies, beliefs and outlook towards education. In addition I will make reference to the relevant SSK12 reading and lectures including Critical Thinking Lecture by Dr. Liana Christensen and Student Stories with Mr. Colin Beasley to further reinforce my views.Much like a well written children's book, my ideologies and beliefs towards university learning and the factor involved are largely based upon a mixture of fact and fiction. SSK12 is the first of hopefully many subjects I will be undertaking at a university level, so I can only articulate from what I have learnt from conversation with others about university life, which has built up an image with minute detail in my mind and quite obviously the knowledge I have obtained in the past ten weeks of off-campus education. What I have learnt though, while undertaking this unit is that each and every student starts their university experience with a different point of view, with different ideas as to who they want to be in life and to why they are attending university. But at the end of the three or four years they spend as students of a university, they all for one reason or another leave with very different ideas as to why they are completing university. Some students, after getting a taste of what they ordered simply leave because the facts of university are very different from what they had imagined. Others finish university for the simple fact that they have to do so to get to where they want to be in life. Some do it because they don't know what else to do and they are just sick of letting their lives go to waste. But no matter why the student has joined university, all successful students leave university with the same thing: the knowledge they have gained from their time at university, the experiences they have had and the ability to see the world in a new way.In her lecture entitled Critical Thinking Dr. Liana Christensen used the following statement to define critical thinking "I want you to think that the sum total of your knowledge is like a library…I believe that no two libraries are ever exactly the same, secondly I believe that the best libraries are sorted expanded and updated on a regular basis. Think of your-self as having arrived here with a certain amount of books that you have accumulated throughout your life, engaging more deeply with...

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