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University Of Michigan Media History Essay

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The University of Michigan, aka Michigan Wolverines, has been a prominent name in college sports for many decades, in many areas of college athletics. From their gridiron glory to their up and coming prowess in basketball, the University of Michigan is steep in tradition and continues to get some of the best talent to come to their university to compete in college athletics. U of M has also been at the fore front of media and technology. Michigan was one of the first schools to start using radio and television to broadcast their games and is now at the top with social media and tracking trends of the population during their athletic competition.
The University of Michigan was created by the Land Grant Act in 1817. Back then it was known as the Catholepistmiad, or the University of Michigania. The school was located in the city of Detroit and was a one building school there. It was not until 1821 that the school would change its name to “The University of Michigan” and the school also began to recognize and formed a board of 21 members, including the Governor of Michigan at the time. In 1837 Michigan finally made the move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, the current home to the main campus of the university. Three years later the school built four identical houses for the professors of the school, one of which would eventually become the president of the universities house. The first incoming class to the university was in 1841, the school opened its Ann Arbor doors to six freshmen and one sophomore that year. The school recognized two professors that taught the seven students.
In 1845, the University of Michigan held its first commencement at the First Presbyterian Church. The graduating class consisted of 11 students, all of them were men. The class of 1867 made their class colors maize and azure blue, these would become the official colors of the University of Michigan in 1912, by actions from the regents of the school. Michigan has also been a part of many historical events in time. From Jonas Salk, and the announcement of the Polio Vaccine to President Lyndon Baines Johnson giving his “Great Society” address to more than 80,000 people during a commencement speech at Michigan Stadium. Many famous moments and also alumnus have gone through the University of Michigan during the school’s existence.
The university has also carried a lot of athletic history. The first organized athletic competition at the school was held by the Pioneer Cricket Club in 1860. This event would begin a tradition of Michigan sports that would carry on until today. The first sport officially introduced to the school was baseball in 1866, followed by football in 1879. In 1890/91 the University of Michigan Athletic Association was formed. Their constitution stated that any student could become a member by paying the three dollar membership fee; this would make the student eligible in the management of university athletics. This association elected members to manage teams and...

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