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University Scholarship Essay

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I never considered myself the type of person who had a specific family history, I was merely the product of history and bashful time. The life I was born into was different from the average American. One of my most vivid yet tragic memory of my youth, took place in a small porcelain bathtub. I had just moved in with a new Foster-home. Unfortunately, I did not meet their expectations of a child. Therefore, I was led into a small bathroom which smelled of cleaning products and Yankee candles. "Just sit in the tub, I will be right back" my new mother uttered. Naturally I did as I was told, I proceeded to sit in the tub filled with ice. Then, almost within the blink of an eye I felt my body go into shock as boiling hot water intertwined with the ice numbing my skin. To my dismay this would only be the beginning of my ever growing history. As I went from home to home, the only family that remained consistent in my life was my brother Julius. As we travelled more, I became vexed with the idea that life would never get better. Family began to evoke a sense of fear. My brother was the only true family I knew.
By the time I entered second grade I had successfully lived in 5 different foster homes. I was sent back to my biological mother that year
Though I was thoroughly delighted, this life was gilded. After discovering my mothers drug addiction, I lost sight of what the future was. Life with my mother was difficult, many times my brother and I went to school unkempt. We spent many days hiding from my mother and running to the "corner store" begging the owner to stop selling my mom alcohol. However despite the harshness my life consumed. There were beautiful moments that urged me to stay afloat. There were days my siblings and I would spend our time at the beach with my mother until the sun fell...

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Dont ask; my english teacher assigned us to write this and i called it MY ITHAKA since that was the name of the project

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