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Demar HicksAD 092Instructor: Julie Full- LopezDue Date: April 3, 2008Shootings On College CampusesIt is not unusual that someone gets nervous about walking on a college campus at night alone, but what about his or her fear in the classroom? "Why would someone fear being in a classroom?," one may ask. It may be because of the increasing number of shootings on college campuses, nationwide, within the last ten years. The number of major college campus shootings, that have occurred in the United States, has doubled within the last decade (Cornell). These shootings have caused changes among colleges and college students. Shootings on college campuses have had negative and positive effects on colleges and their students across the nation.School shootings were once a rarity amongst colleges. Now, the number of college campus shootings in the United States has increased by 87.5% within the last ten years (Cornell). One year ago, there was a college campus shooting that lead to the deaths of 33 people, including the shooter (Smith). It took place on April 16, 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech. This was said to be the largest mass killing in American history (Smith). Another incidence occurred just two months ago on Valentine's Day (Site). This shooting led to five people dead, including the shooter, and it took place on the campus of Northern Illinois University near Chicago (Site). These campus shootings are just two examples of many. Campus shootings have ruined the lives of innocent people and their families. The shooters of these "campus massacres" decide to direct their anger towards others instead of resolving their own issues, abandoning human morality and personal responsibility.Campus shootings are seeming to become less common and have had negative effects on colleges and their students. Campus shootings not only results in the loss of...

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899 words - 4 pages throwing tear gas into the group of students. When the tear gas did not disperse and calm down the students the National Guard began to fire bullets at the rallying students. This caused complete chaos and also led to many students being seriously injured or killed. Over 900 college campuses were also shut down because over a million students went on strike following the shootings that occurred at Kent State University. The shooting at Kent

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689 words - 3 pages ? Substance abuse on college campuses,Those who advocate this bill do so for two reasons: self-protection. According to Gene Hoffman, Chairman of the Calguns Foundation, "guns are used in self-defense around 3,000 times a day-usually without firing a shot." Proponents of allowing guns on campus emphasize the correlation between mass shootings and the ban of firearms. A study conducted by Dr. John Lott and William Landes of the Chicago University School of

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277 words - 2 pages Lone Star ShootingBy: Erin WittwerOn Tuesday, January 22, 2013 in Houston, Texas three people on the community college campus of Lone Star were shot but thankfully not killed. A total of four people were injured but only three were shot the fourth person had a heart attack.The whole argument broke out between two students. Both of the students were injured during the argument and were hospitalized once the police arrived. A third person on

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1913 words - 8 pages Shootings at Kent State University What happened at Kent State University? This is a question that many Americans were asking following the crisis on the Kent campus. In the days preceding May 4, 1970, protests, disruption, and violence erupted on the university grounds. These acts were the students’ reaction to President Nixon’s invasion

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1033 words - 5 pages college students are moderate drinkers and only seven point eight percent are heavy drinkers" (Students of Concealed Carry). How can people say that “the college lifestyle is defined by drinking” when only 1 in 13 Ohio college students consume more than two drinks a day"? Guns can also stop most school shootings before they turn into massacres. Concealed guns are a beneficial and can deter shootings. Concealed handguns should be allowed if the

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