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College Sports Todays Athletes Are Privileged Perverts, Rapists, Thieves, And Liars

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College Athletes - Privileged Perverts, Rapists, Thieves, Frauds, and Liars


In America today athletic events play an important role in the reflective perception and financial standing of any given community. It is for this reason that the individuals involved in these events are also of significance to the community. Due to the esteemed and very influential role placed on athletes they are often times given privileges that would not normally be given to them if they were not athletes. These privileges are given in order to recruit the athletes, and once recruited to maintain their status on the team so that, in turn, the team's status is not adversely affected. To understand the importance of the role of an athlete one must first examine the role of the athletic event in which the athlete participates and the level of importance placed on this event.

Many communities see the local college athletic teams as a reflection of their society. It is therefore important to the community members that their team represents them in the best way possible. Due to American society being of a competitive nature, the basis on which democracy is built, the way a team's representation is judged is by its level of play. If a team is successful in its competitive meetings with other teams it asserts itself into a superior position over those teams. This in turn creates a sense of pride in the community because the team that represents them has beaten the teams that represent other communities. This develops a greater fan base and more support than if a team was to lose "because people aren't going to come watch a losing team" (qtd. in Suggs A42). This support is important to the team because this is where the team receives the majority of its funding. Mark Dienhart, Director of Men's Athletics at the University of Minnesota, reveals the importance of the revenue gained by fan base when he explains that "athletic departments are required to be self-supporting" and therefore rely primarily on said revenue (qtd. in Suggs A42). The money made through team sales also contributes to the college's revenue as in Iowa where the athletic department posted a 4.2 million-dollar profit (Branhom 1). As Sean Colclough, daily Aztec staff writer, states "it's all about the money" (1). For these many reasons it is important that a team is successful in its competitive endeavors. However, if a team losses many of its competitions with other teams then there are strives within the community and the team structure to better the team. This is where athletes enter into the picture for it is they who make up the team and determine its ability to compete. In order to field the best team one must obtain the best athletes. This is done through recruiting.

In order for an athlete to participate in college level play they must first meet the academic entrance requirements of the college in which they choose to attend. These are the same requirements that must be met by...

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