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College Stress And Prevention Of College Stress

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College Stress and Prevention of College Stress
Getting into university and becoming a college student used to be fun because of the friends and memories they would make. However, college life can be stressful now, especially for first-year students. What is stress? Richard Lazarus and Susan Folkman defined stress as “ the result of an individuals’ perceptions that they do not have the resources to cope with a perceived situation from the past, present or future.” (Lazarus and Folkman, 1984). In fact, stress is inevitable. Sometimes stress forces students to reach their goals and get their tasks done like studies and homework. But when stress is too much, it may stop students from working properly, and accomplishing things. College freshmen suffer from stress due to adjusting their completely new college life. A survey done by American College Health Association National College Health Assessment in 2012 spring shows that over 50% of the college students reported that their stress levels are above average (Moran, 2013). Some effective strategies that college freshmen can use to prevent stress are working out frequently, and having a balanced, and healthy eating habit.
The causes of college stress are numerous. Insufficient of time and financial issue and poor eating habits are the major sources of college stress for first-year students. They can affect college students’ health negatively. College freshmen need to participate many activities like classes, football games and maintaining friendships. Getting involved in all the fun activities is a temptation for freshmen. Beside all the excitements, they still have to find time to finish their homework, and studying for tests or exams. After all, they realize they do not have enough time to be part of everything. It is impossible for most of them to finish homework and still have fun. Some may decide to have fun and skip all the important tasks and this may result in falling classes, which creates stress. Even they finish all their assignment and studies late at nights; they may still lack time to sleep in order to have better concentration in class so the lack of sleep brings stress to them as well. Next, financial problem is another cause of college stress. The tuition, books and other fees are getting more expensive each year. In 2013, the average in-state tuition at public colleges and universities is $8,893. (Bidwell, 2013) For students who study out of state, the fee is even higher. Some college freshmen still have financial support from parents but some may not. Most of them have to take on debt. Due to the weak economy, institutions limit the budgets on scholarships and financial aid; therefore, the students now take on more debt than the earlier generation (Joseph, 2013). Being educated is worth it but most college students are struggling with paying the fees. For those who do not have support from family, they may have to work and go to school at the same time. These create a high...

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