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College Students Prefer Sleeping In Essay

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Most college students prefer to sleep in rather than to get up early. Getting up early can mean grumpy, irritable, and most importantly, tired students. The earlier classes are the earlier students have to wake up. Most people function better later in the day, rather than early in the morning. Therefore, by sleeping in you get more rest and you wake up ready for the day ahead of you. When college life begins it seems as if you are in a totally different world. You have more freedom and you must be responsible for most of your actions. College often means frequent parties. Students probably no longer have a curfew, so they will do as they please, and happily take advantage of the freedom. Parties will be attended, and even though a student may have an early class he or she will still be an attendant at the parties. Meanwhile, by sleeping in it sorda takes the place of the late night the student had before. This also explains why students are often absent to early classes. For some reason staying in bed seems like a better idea than going to class. Some college students move away from home, and either live on campus, an apartment, or maybe even a house. This often means having a room mate or room mates. This results in staying up late watching movies, playing games, or just gossiping until the wee hours of the morning. Once they fall asleep they certainly do not want to wake up early. They would much rather wake up later in order to get more sleep. Even though students know what their priorities should be, bonding and discovering new friendships sometime overrule going to bed early in order to wake up in time for class the next day. Another factor that contributes to the reason college students prefer sleeping in is because they stayed up late doing homework or studying. College is much different than high school. To me, you do not necessarily have more homework you just have more studying, projects, and papers that are due. Most assignments are not short assignments. They are lengthy and require a lot of thinking. College students are very busy, so homework and...

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