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Anti-Terrorism Tactics: Unjust Airport SecurityFlying during the holidays has always been a trial: lost baggage, long delays, expensive tickets and crowded airplanes. This year brought on the new obstacle of mile-long security lines. Families waited nearly an hour to go through Newark airport security. When they finally reached the checkpoint, they were ushered through with an ease that made them wonder just how much safety new security measures are adding. Behind them, however, a middle-aged Indian man was having more trouble making his plane. He was not outwardly suspicious. The only visible difference between him and them was that my father's skin is white and the stranger's was brown. And yet, security guards separated him out of the line, combing through the contents of his bags and patting him down for weapons. The man, of course, had nothing. Our president and congressmen have been talking a lot about airline security lately, but behind the scenes many have been doing all they can to prevent full federalization or to send military men with guns to our airports - instead of sending the funds for new baggage x-rays and better trained security agents. Still, they have not hesitated to implement a system of racial profiling that, while designed to keep us safe, is really a threat to American society. Airport Security is unfair, costing citizens more that what it's worth, and there are possibilities of racism.Airport Security is costing citizens way more than it is worth. A survey by the Resource Systems Group found that airline passengers traveling on business flights would be willing to pay about $70 to reduce one hour of their travel time. For all other fliers, the survey found that the price of an hour is $31. Assuming that an hour of time is worth $50 for a business traveler and $15 for everyone else and also assuming that the new security procedures added only a half-hour to passengers' travel time, the annual cost to the country of the extra wait times from post-September 11 security procedures is about $8 billion. But that is a few assumptions that probably understate the real amount. A Democratic-led Senate panel has approved an increase in airline ticket taxes of up to $6 for a round trip in order to cover increased security costs at airports, just adding up to this cost.(Reilly, "An Imminent Threat")Air port Security is wasting citizens' time. According to a survey by the consulting service Resource Systems Group Inc., in the three years following September 11, the number of people arriving at an airport one hour before departure fell from around 20 percent to less than 10 percent, and the number arriving two to three hours in advance rose from around 20 percent to nearly 40 percent (Bandyk, "What Airport Security Costs") . That extra time spent at the airport has a cost, and greater use of full-body scanners...

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