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Unknown Essay

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The identification of AIDS occurred in the early 1980s and quickly found to be related to an infection with a retrovirus in the genus of Lentivirus from a family Retroviridae, HIV. According to the most recent UNAIDS report, it is estimated that 35.3 million people are HIV infected. Of that 35.3 million, 3.3 million are under the age of 15. In 2012 approximately 2.5 million people were infected globally with HIV; however, the overall number of new infections has gone down since the infection occurred. This is credited partly to the global efforts in education and prevention. In South and South East Asia alone, nearly 5 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that about 261, 000 lives were lost to HIV/AIDS in this region. Comparing this to the HIV/AIDS population in Cambodia tells us how serious this epidemic really is. According to the General population Census in 2013, the population of Cambodia is around 14.8 million people. Of this 14.8 million approximately 59,000-120,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS. (UNAIDS 2013)
Unlike other South East Asian Countries, Cambodia’s long history of war has made it very difficult for them to construct a strong state for they are still recovering from the effects of war and political instability. According to Prasertsri, these changes have made a considerable social imbalance and that of the public sectors which are important in relation to health equity are to an extent corrupted and it lacks physical and human resources (1999: 124). Moreover, all these effects of war, weak social infrastructure, severe developmental problems and the addition of HIV/AIDS are contributing even more to the misery of this nation. Also, Cambodia’s high rate of poverty is heavily contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS. On top of this, many families are unable to send their kids to receive an education because they can’t afford it. As a consequence of this, HIV/AIDS quickly disperses among uneducated street children, child sex workers, and child laborers engaging in unprotected sex and also through the sharing of syringes by drug users. To give these children a window of hope and a chance to live free from HIV/AIDS, knowledge, skills and values are to be provided to guide them as they grow up.
Cambodia is a great example of a country that has responded to the HIV/AIDS epidemic with a teaching and prevention strategy fitted to its epidemiology. In the past few years this country has taken the necessary steps to reduce the HIV/AIDS infection in sex workers, and their clients by using the 100 percent condom promotion. This program aimed at ensuring that condoms were used in all sexual transactions. Moreover,
The 100% condom use programme is a collaborative programme between local authorities (health services, police, public security, local governor or government office) and all sex entertainment establishments (owners, managers and sex workers) that aims to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and STIs by...

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