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In the past, and even in modern times like today, it has been vital to distinguish and determine the identities of microorganisms in the world. These identities are not only important in knowing what agent causes various diseases and the treatment to be used, but also in understanding how microbes can be beneficial and valuable to the human body and life as a whole. With that being said, upon beginning this lab, the purpose of this study was to identity and investigate an unknown microorganism by applying the methods that were previously learned and practiced in the microbiology laboratory portion of class.
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, I made a smear of my microbe and performed a gram stain. With this, I took an inoculating loop and retrieved a small portion of my microbe from my working plate and smeared it as thin as I could across the slide. Using the steps mentioned and demonstrated in the Gram Stain Lab, I then created a slide that could be viewed under the microscope. This, in my personal opinion, was one if not the most difficult aspect of the unknown lab for me as I struggled to find a clear and detailed image of my microbe under the microscope. Starting on the lowest setting, I was unable to acquire any kind of picture of my microbe so I had to bump up the intensity level of my microscope. With that being said, after placing under 40X magnification, I was then able to see an image of my microbe that helped me determining what Genus I was dealing with. These details of my observations will be listed and discussed later within this report under the “Tables and Data” portion of this report.
After looking at through the microscope and receiving all the information I needed to obtain, I then preformed a catalase test. With this, I got a new glass slid and cleaned it off with alcohol to prevent any false-positives from occurring. After dropping some hydrogen peroxide to the slide and then mixing it with my unknown microbe, bubbles were produced which led me to believe I was dealing with a Staphylococcus genus.
After confirming a Staphylococcus genus, it was now time to perform various tests to determine which species names I was dealing with. With that being said, I obtained one MSA plate, one MH plate, and one blood agar plate. These plates are what I would use to inoculate my microbe and record the outcomes of their incubation. In incubating these plates, I was then able to perform tests to determine MSA growth, MSA fermentation, and sensitivity/resistant through Nivobiocin Disc placement on an MH...

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