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Unknown Powers Of The Brain Essay

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Unknown Powers of The Brain
Dating back to ancient times, it has been discovered that philosophers were the first humans to ever propose and begin to dissect the theories of dream interpretation. The very first records began with Artemidorus, who created the new phenomena called dream books. Recently however, it has been proposed that Joseph expresses his thoughts on dreams within the Bible. Due to the fact that the Bible is not actually proven to be a valid source, that cannot be taken as truth. Nevertheless, most philosophers of the ancient era did create the theory that all dreams do have a “fixed meaning”, or more specifically that a dream is an account of all experiences of the soul ...view middle of the document...

He named this force repression. He expressed repression as the force that inhibits the memories of a particular person from reaching the conscious, yet due to the fact that it is still contained within the unconscious, the behavioral patterns of that particular person will be affected. Furthermore it can be said that Sigmund Freud was the first man to ever make a subjective approach towards the interpretation of dreams.
The most important theory Freud did propose was the theory of the Id, the Ego, and the Superego; these are the three combative forces within our brain that do affect how and when a person dreams. After analyzing these three contending forces, defining them can be quite simple. The Id, is where the pleasure principle derives and is also the center of the unconscious. The Ego, contains the tools necessary to guide human’s reason and to guide their inner life. Lastly Freud suggested that within the conscious contains the Superego, or the “locus of conscious”, which contains all morals and values of human beings (Jackson 740). Although Freud did create these theories and synthesized them into his book, his main focus was purely of sexual desires during infancy. These sexual desires, as powerful as they were, became repressed within the unconscious, but are easily accessed within a dream; which is the result of these sexual desires being altered by “mental censors”. As stated by Freud himself, “the mind constantly generates powerful wishes that are repressed—shut down by our own internal censors before we even become aware of them” (Freud 60) .
Further on into the 20th century however, two collaborators of the great Freud began to expand on his ideas, and came to the conclusion that there was more to Dream Interpretation than they had expected. Of the two, the first was Carl Jung, who actually was a contemporary of Freud’s. Jung expanded on Freud’s discoveries, and came to the conclusion that the deep forces first proposed by Freud in actuality came from a “spiritual reality”. An Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. article (March 2014), summarizes the convincing evidence that Jung found a way into the “collective unconscious”. The author first analyzes how certain symbols within a dream can have a common meaning among various societies, but then goes on to convey that most of the time these symbols actually have a different meaning in relationship with different people. Upon further examination, it is seen that due to the chronological order of the information given, and the use of a citation of a previous source, it suggests that the author presents this article an informative, supplying plenty of evidence to back up the claims made.
Expanding even more on that statement, Edgar Cayce, another colleague of Jung’s, came to the understanding that certain symbols within a dream are of an archetypal basis. This means that within any society or race of people, certain symbols acknowledged inside of a dream are in a way universal. However, after...

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