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Unmerited Ends Essay

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“Master and Man” by Leo Tolstoy is a story that explores the dynamics between a peasant, Nakita and his master,Vasillii Andriech. Andriech foolishly risks both of their lives, when they venture to another town in inclement weather to secure a business deal. Unfortunately, Andreich's impatience and greed ultimately leads to his demise. At the end of the story Nikita dies and is denied the same bliss that Vasillii Andreich experiences in death; in order to solidify the dichotomy between these two men, demonstrate how Andriech cheated Nakita, and he uses Nakita's lackluster death to amplify Andriech's extraordinary passing.
Nikita and Vasillii Andriech are opposites in their socioeconomic ...view middle of the document...

There are several examples in the story where Andriech attempts to cheat Nakita out of his well earned money. Andriech pays Nakita giving him credit for his store and inflates the price of the products. He also, underpays Nakita's wife “five roubles” when he actually owed him close to “twenty roubles” (71). Nikita is aware that he is being cheated, but decides to let the matter go because he does not have any other options for employment. Oddly, Andriech believes that he is fair to Nakita. Additionally, he attempts to cheat Nakita out of a fair price for a horse and overstates its worth so that he could trick Nakita into working for six month without pay (78). Ironically, when Andriech sacrifices himself for Nakita, he also cheats Nakita from his welcomed death. Sadly, when Nakita is rescued he has to grapple with another twenty years of servitude and longing for death.
Furthermore, Nakita would benefit the most from a fulfilling death, instead he is given a sub par end in comparison to Andriech. The contrast forces the reader to pay...

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