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Unnecessary Entitlements Essay

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Who would have ever thought that still today there would be no forward progress in terms of tax distribution? Currently, taxpayers are barraged with paying for someone else’s livelihood with no control of where the money is being distributed. A doctrine that addresses this issue is known as the Social contract theory. The Social contract theory is a political philosophy that one must give up certain rights to protect the rights of others. The Social Contract Theory benefits individuals involves with specific U. S. Government Entitlements such as Social Security, Welfare, Medicare/Medicaid, food stamps, etc. Wendy Milling suggested that the social contract theory is a guideline the government utilizes as a scam to spread the taxpayer’s dollars in areas they feel is necessary.
Milling states that the social contract is an outdated philosophical policy within the society. The people must tolerate implied consent to pay taxes for a small cost of living in U.S. Natural law was created to protect the rights of man. Millings argues that the government violates the rights of man by making citizens pay taxes. Milling says, the social contract does not exist; it is an intelligent scam organized to legitimize the criminal political actions within the government. The writer goes on to use the population within the United States as an example to explain that they have unwillingly paid taxes. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are programs imposed to the population that are not legally obligated to be paid. The tone of the writer shows frustration toward the concept of the people making a promise in their early life to give their money to the government. Millings confesses in anger that she has made no sure promise and no one has the right to speak for her. The income she brings in is not the government income, meaning there is no possible way to justify stealing it from her.
Han Sennholz, writer of The Ethics of Entitlement documents wrote that “Entitlements programs are government taking income and wealth from some citizens and transferring it to others...

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