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Unnecessary Medical Costs In The Ed

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Imagine you’re in the emergency room waiting to get your blood drawn, you’re already nervous because you do not like needles. You hear a knock on the door with an announcement that “A” the phlebotomist is here to draw your blood. You kindly tell her to enter. As she walks through the door you notice an array of colorful tubes with labels on them with your name. Don’t you wonder why all those are for you, and only you? The emergency room in any hospital is usually the busiest department; many people are entering for treatment while many are being discharged. Hospitals are always finding ways to cut their budget to save on money, whether it is cutting costs on treatments, medications, ...view middle of the document...

Surprisingly only a rough “4% were used for testing” (Seaver, Gray, 2012. Para. 4). With all the supplies, staff, and proper disposals for the supplies it was estimated that the laboratories were using over two-hundred thousand dollars a year to supply for these extra tubes that did not receive a physician’s order. Seaver and Gray presented their analysis and observations to the hospitals staff, in result they “agreed to discontinue drawing extra tubes unless ordered by the physician” (Seaver, Gray, 2012. Para.7). Once the staff came to this agreement they were able to come up with an effective response. The hospitals computers now have “a new orderable called Extra Tube-Rainbow Set” (Seaver, Gray, 2012. Para. 7). The new order allows staff to properly use and label extra tubes, although this is only available if a physician orders the set. Drawing unordered blood tubes has become a rare practice now in the hospital setting thanks to Cynthia Seaver, and Alexis J. Gray.
I have been studying the medical field for a little over two years now, and I have never heard of anything so absurd as this. As I was reading this article I seemed to have let my emotions get the best of me because I have had a situation happen to me with my blood work getting mixed up with someone else’s because of getting extra tubes drawn.
I believe that spending over two-hundred thousand dollars a year on something that does not get used is wasteful and can become serious. Nearly four years when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I did not believe what was going on. At the time I found out, I had given a urine sample to a doctor and the pregnancy “stick” came back with a positive response. My blood was drawn a week later to assure the positive response. What I did not know was why I was getting tube, after tube full of blood drawn from me; I knew they...

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