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Internships can be two kinds: one which is paid and another which is unpaid. Although internships are a great way to get work experiences that will strength job applications, college students will think seriously when an internship is unpaid; college students may think an unpaid internship can be lots of work, training may be limited, and the most important is that they will lose opportunity costs to an unpaid internship if they are taking on debt to fund their education which a paid internship could help them to reduce their debt when they are graduating. College students should still work an unpaid internship in the summertime because it allows them test-drive a career, receive more experience and develop a work ethic, and increase connection with people in their profession.
An unpaid internship can allow college students to test-drive a career. College students may find out that the career they are working so hard to find a place in is not for them after all; college students also can save themselves a lot of time and energy before committing a lifetime to that career. A college student who name is Mike did two internships. Mike was told to becoming a banker by his parents, so his first internship was a banking internship in a bank. Mike was in his banking internships for the whole summertime, but he didn’t like it because everything he did was always involved sitting on the chair. Since Mike is an active person, so his second internship was a sport internship. After the sport internship was over, he decides to become a sport player because he can move around and he really loves sport very much.
College students can also receive more experience and develop a work ethic from an unpaid internship. A work ethic can give college students to establish willingness to get the work done at any costs that they can take; while college students can maintain a positive attitude gives the employer confidence that they will become a valuable member if hired as an...

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