Unproven Vs Proven Ideological In Relation To The Cosmos

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In the world today, there is a huge battle emerging whenever professional astrologers of the tropical and sidereal gather together. This appears to happen due to viewpoints based on the unproven vs. proven ideological in relation to the cosmos. The primary focus of this comparison and contrast will review both with a secondary cruise into the neglected and provisionary keys that affect the awareness herein. It’s time we move along in the stream of thoughts moving into the river of knowledge that carries humanity onto the oceans of quality life.
The May 2008 UAC (United Astrology Conference) in Denver, CO was quite the active event, one of the largest throughout the country and the history of them. Several professionals had attended in order to provide services, products, education, and more. There was a tropical astrologer from the AYA (Association for Young Astrologers) who wrote “It is this sort of indescribable feeling that is really addicting, and when the conference ends it leaves you with this weird sense of longing to experience it again” (Brenan, 2008, para. 18) about this event.
Many of the astrologers are often excited about large conference events, as if they gain a sense connecting more directly with the universe of the like-minded. Gathering together in the controversial debate leads to heated argument when a fact presented to cancel’s out a non-factual stance wrapped up in assumed belief. This was more than obvious with some of the professionals who cling to the tropical framework interpreting luminaries, planets, etc. that aren’t visible where they claim they are. Sidereal practitioners interpret the stars based on their actual viewable position that is provable with the use of a telescope.
The actual duration that the synetic vernal point (SVP) moves through a complete cycle of the 360° zodiacal ring; a variable range between 25,413 to 25,977 years depending on motion thereof. It takes 25,772 years to wobble around full circle in the gyration of the axial points of our current north and south. In perspective, “For identical reasons, the apparent position of the Sun relative to the backdrop of the stars at some seasonally fixed time, say the vernal equinox, slowly regresses a full 360° through all twelve traditional constellations of the zodiac, at the rate of about 50.3 seconds of arc per year (approximately 360 degrees divided by 25,772), or 1 degree every 71.6 years” (Axial Precession, 2013) this tends to come rather close to the usual approximate of 25,800 years for a cycle.
There was an astrologer of great skill by the name of Cyril Fagan who made a powerful discovery of connection with a properly timed astrological chart. This is where the western use of the sidereal zodiac came into popularity among those who desired accuracy in calculation of the heavenly position from our view on earth. Important interest in “The mechanism that is central to understanding the difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs, and...

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