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Unrealism In Female Characters Essay

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When it comes to female characters, authors depict women with a sense of realism, that being that they are a common folk with a usually large but simple impact in the story. On the contrary, John Steinbeck’s female characters in his novel East of Eden do not have the sense of being normal women, and he goes to extremes when it comes to the women being good or bad. Faye, Olive, and Cathy are all women that have taken to extremes in their acts of kindness or evil. Faye is too good of a person, especially in the society that she is in. Olive helps an enormous amount in the military with work she has done that seemed unlikely for her to do by herself. Cathy, on the other hand, commits horrible acts that would immediately classify her as mental, but is ironically one of the smartest characters in the novel. These kinds of women are uncommon, especially in their society.
Faye is the owner of a brothel and almost immediately takes in a new girl, Cathy, as her daughter. “There’s plenty for both of us, Kate. I could give you as much as you make and more, and you’d be worth it.” (301) Faye wants to give Cathy (who changed her name to Kate) more than she gives herself, which is not something any other woman who owns a business would do, especially with a girl that she has not known for more than a year. “Faye didn’t feel very good that Saturday night and about ten o’clock Kate persuaded her to go to bed.” (326) Faye had taken a medicine Cathy had given her and suddenly feels a change in mind, but she still allows Cathy to deal with her medical problems instead of dealing with them herself. Any normal and humane woman would want to know the medicine they are getting.
Olive is the mother of John Steinbeck and an apparent “Rosie the Riveter” of her time. “When they killed him Olive declared war on the German empire.” (198) When a neighbor of Olive is killed, she rages and goes on a streak of...

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