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Unrealistic Beauty Essay

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“People get positive attention in the world by losing weight and you can do it to even a greater extent on instagram.” - Unknown

More and more girls are constantly becoming brainwashed by the new thinspiration craze that is based off of main stream media beauty standards that causes girls to think twice about their outer appearance than before. Even though people aren’t taking enough stand against these unrealistic beauty standards, they have to realize that eventually these standards will cause young girls to develop low self esteem and eventually become withdrawn from others because they have become overly self conscious, eventually this will lead to eating disorders that will affect their lives forever. Instead of these morphed beauty standards we should be promoting healthy beauty.

Mainstream media today depicts beauty as tall girls that are around six feet tall that are drastically underweight for their height, with thigh gaps and a curvy hourglass shape body. Many of these women are considered what perfection should look like. But if these girls shed their layers of makeup and stop photoshopping and editing their pictures using high quality technology you’ll slowly realize that these girls are just like every other girl, such as having the occasional pimple or fluctuating weight.

On the contrary these “beauty” standards could possibly help a lot of unhealthy obese women to start exercising, Because not all thinspirations you find online promote sickly skinny beauty, others promote going to the gym and working out, changing your unhealthy diet to something more organic to slowly start dropping those pounds. With this women will become more toned, their lungs and hearts will be stronger and lastly they’ll feel better about themselves without having to starve or be but on strict diets.

Unfortunately not all...

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