Unreliable Memoirs And Rabbit Proof Fence Speech On Journeys

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"What people forget is a journey to nowhere starts with a single step, too."Good morning Ms McDonald and the rest of the class. The Chinese proverb says that to get through the hardest journey we need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. It's a nice way of describing the journey forwards. Moving towards a goal. Achieving something. But after reading unreliable memories, and especially after watching Rabbit Proof Fence, a film by Phillip Noyce, what I've realised is that some of the most important and life changing journeys are the ones that take you backwards. The ones that physically take you in the wrong direction but emotionally continue your journey forwards. Because it's these journeys that make you who you are. These journeys can bring sadness, and sometimes regret. But without going backwards, you can't appreciate moving forwards. And after all, it is this appreciation of moving on that drives us all as humans."I'm taking you back where you belong." A man in a uniform grabs Gracie by the back of her neck and drags her into his van. He's taking her back to the reserve, back to the mission and away from her two cousins, who sit watching her just a few metres away. Gracie's journey home has ended, and physically she's moving backwards. But these sorts of obstacles don't end Gracie's life journey, they just change the direction in which it's going. Journeys go in all directions; no journey is ever simple or clear cut. But journeys do change peoples lives, the physical journey back to the mission would have been one of the most traumatic events in Gracie's life, it would have scared her. Hurt her. Damaged her. But most importantly it changed her. The journeys we make, especially the ones that take us off track, are what shape us as people. These obstacles make us regret, reflect and change the way we look at ourselves. As well as being painful, sometimes moving in the wrong direction can bring people together.In a film like Rabbit Proof Fence, it takes more than just the dialogue to show the significance of the characters journeys, and the composer of the text used a range of techniques to convey the concept of a journey. The sequence of the girls capture by police is a very powerful and dramatic start to the girl's journey. The camera jolts the audience's attention between the white officials and the aboriginal girls, as they run frantically, gripping onto their mothers outstretched arms. While watching this scene, the sounds of haunting tribal whispers, combined with loud thumping drums play in the background, while the sound of a child's heavy breathing floats over the top. There is an obvious sense of panic, heightened tension and a clear indication that a journey is about to begin. The final moment in this scene is of three little faces staring out the back window of the van that's taking them away from their home. Their journey is taking them backwards, away from their family, and away what they know and love....

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